Player 1:
Move => WASD
Attack => J or M

Player 2:
Move => ARROW
Attack => NumPad 0 or Right Ctrl


The idea of the game came in the @vacaroxa group as a tribute to our friend @_Gabrielfer, who is getting married.
We used several concepts that were important on his life and we made a game for the wedding
Game is a Beat-up in 2D, begins with the bride going through various difficulties trying to win the "bill" (boletinhos in Portuguese)
The game becomes impossible to win, when she loses, our hero Gabriel appears and asks her in engagement (oh man, so cute)
After that, the game restarts, now with two players, overcoming the challenges, showing that together they can be stronger
In the end, both leave together and live happily forever.


Allan "Arfo" Oliveira - @itsarfo
Maurício Munky - @mauriciomunky

bakudas - @bakudas
Crowno - @CrownoO
Derek Souza - @derekpxart
Didi - @didigameboy
Filipe "Filiperama" Brizolara - @filipebrizolara
Gabe Fern - @_Gabrielfer
Mani - @pcbmani
Marcos "RyanKamos" Freire - @RyanKamos
Paulo Victor - @MeusPixels

Luiz Alves - @bingustavo 
Marcelo Belkiman - @mmbelkiman 
Raphael "Redemptor" - @xredemptor 
Trackless - @ Trackless29


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Is that a midi of Wonderwall?


Yes, it was one of the favorite songs by the couple featured in the game. That's why we put it. 

In the first enemy, when I defeated him he fell back, where the tree was, and caught in the frame "falling".
He did not disappear and the screen did not follow, and when he was go to try to hit it still receive score (infinitely).


Very cool

curti a música do oasis no fundo. O paralax atrás deu uma certa agonia. 

Joguei e fiquei encantado, só consigo imaginar a felicidade de vocês. Parabéns, Gabe! E excelente trabalho a todos.

E eu tenho certeza absoluta que conheço essa música de algum lugar... algum pop dos anos 2000 talvez...


Me agrada, tiene un buen diseño, por alguna razón la música me suena de algún lado aunque no recuerdo donde, buen trabajo y saludos desde Uruguay!!